A surreal dialogue with Me and another Me – by Michele Marziani – Found in Translation Course

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A surreal dialogue with Me and another Me, by Michele Marziani, Found in Translation Course 2017.

ME ONE: Ok, you are here now. You can’t escape. What can you write in English? A short story? About what? About who? An essay? You?! But if you can’t even write an essay in Italian! Go on…
Let me guess: you want to write a memoir. You?! Did you forget that you have lost your memory?
Why do you make the same mistake all the time? You keep putting yourself in a thing bigger than you.
You are attending a writing course. In English. And you don’t know English.
Michele, you are very stupid. You appear confident but your end will be a big laugh.

ME TWO: Ok, you are right but a big laugh is e little good thing.
I smile now. I found why. Because this is the life and you’re living. Simple. Linear. If you live you can do something. You are a writer, aren’t you? And you must write: in English, in Italian, in French, in Swahili. Do you remember? The great Italian intellectual Pier Paolo Pasolini said:

“I prefer to write in Swahili, because there are many more potential readers in that language”.

I heard this but at the time didn’t understand it. Now I understand: the words are the ways, the lines. There are many booklines around the world. So, if you write in Italian is much simpler for you. But in another language you can discover some new booklines, some new wordlines.
Here I go. In front of two very important Irish writers: Lia Mills and Catherine Dunne. Noblesse oblige. Next time I better pick up another course with less famous writers.

ME ONE: But are you stupid? Why would you go for less? Come on Michele!

ME TWO: Ok, ok that’s right. And I discovered the contract: a genius idea. You can sign a contract with yourself.

ME ONE: What is it? It’s a stupid idea: if I promise something to myself it’s ok. Isn’t it?

ME TWO: What an idiot! You, not the contract, is stupid. If you sign a contract with yourself, you must stick to it.
ME ONE: To what?
ME TWO: The time, the time to write.
ME ONE: Yes, you are right (only for now) It’s a good idea. But only one good idea a week…
ME TWO: Are you joking? I discovered many interesting things about the characters, about writing, about several unknown Irish and not only Irish writers. I discovered some things about my name too.
ME ONE: About your name? And what did you discover about your name?
ME TWO: That it’s not only a name but it’s my name. My name is Me.
ME ONE: What your name?
ME TWO: Michele.
ME ONE: But you said: Me. Are you Michele or Me?
ME TWO: Michele but Michele is Me.
ME ONE: No, it’s impossible: if you are Michele you can’t be Me.
ME TWO: But I’m not you, it’s Me.
ME ONE: But if you are Me you are not Michele and if you are not Michele your name is useless.
ME TWO: I think this is a surreal dialogue. Isn’t it?
ME ONE: Yes it is, but you are doing a writing course in English, in Dublin, ad that’s surreal too.
ME TWO: No, problem, this is life: so far so good.

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