The Things We Know Now

The Things We Know Now won the 2013 Giovanni Boccaccio International Prize for Fiction.

It was also shortlisted for the Eason Novel of the Year Award 2013.

A golden child. A glittering future. And the darker truth that lies beneath.

When Patrick Grant meets Ella, he seizes the opportunity of a new life with her.

He imagines the future with his beautiful second wife by his side: the years ahead filled with all that is bright and promising.

When Ella gives birth to Daniel, Patrick’s happiness is complete. A son at last. Patrick adores Daniel: a golden child, talented, artistic, loving.

And then, when Daniel is fourteen, tragedy strikes. Without warning, Patrick and Ella’s world is shattered beyond repair and Patrick is forced to re-evaluate everything: his own life, his role as husband and father, all his previous assumptions about family.

Together with Ella, he is forced to embark on a voyage of discovery. He must confront uncomfortable truths about himself and about the privileged world he and his wife inhabit.

This is the story of a family torn apart by conflict, suspicion and loss. It is also a story, ultimately, of redemption and forgiveness – and the strength of severely-tested family bonds.


The Death of a Child