The Years That Followed

'the years that followed', catherine dunne
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It is 1966.

Calista is 17, beautiful and headstrong.

She meets the handsome, older Alexandros and in an instant, her whole life changes.

Alexandros is exciting, magnetic – and rich.

He sweeps Calista off her feet.

She leaves her safe, affluent Dublin home for a new life in Cyprus alongside her new husband and his family who treat her with some suspicion.

Meanwhile, Pilar is in Madrid.

Desperate to leave the grinding poverty of her life in rural Extremadura, she moves to the capital.

There, she meets a man who offers her excitement and opportunity.

Petros charms Pilar and she begins to imagine a future for both of them, together, although she knows it’s impossible.

Unknown to both women, tragic events are unfolding which will inextricably link their lives in a way that neither could have imagined.

These events will change them and their families forever.

Inspired by Greek myth, THE YEARS THAT FOLLOWED is a compelling tale of two women, thousands of miles apart, whose lives are thrown into turmoil by the power of love – and the desire for revenge.

'the years that followed', catherine dunne
'the years that followed', catherine dunne
'the years that followed', catherine dunne


  • Beautifully written, perfectly paced and very, very moving.

    Roddy Doyle In The Beginning
  • Dunne has written a page turner: compelling, edgy, fast paced…

    Irish Times La Metà di Niente
  • It is a triumph of the ordinary. When it comes to an end, you feel you’ve lost your best friend.

    Irish Independent In The Beginning
  • A virtuoso performance from a writer of enormous promise.

    Sunday Telegraph A Name For Himself
  • A Name For Himself highlights the exceptional and unfathomable depths of what we nonchalantly dimiss as the ordinary, the normal, the everyday. In the deft hands of Dunne, the ordinary becomes story-worthy.

    Irish Times A Name For Himself
  • Dunne writes compellingly about obsessive love, showing how apparently normal states of mind can shade into madness.

    The Times A Name For Himself
  • A startling struggle-of-love study…Dunne’s Dublin dialogue is deft, her writing sings.

    She A Name For Himself
  • Elegant, lucid prose…with depth, intelligence and a few surprises.

    Irish Times A Name For Himself
  • The Walled Garden is that great rarity: a flawless novel.

    The Express The Walled Garden
  • A hugely gratifying book; something to feed the spirit again and again.

    Irish Independent The Walled Garden
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