Meeting Sheila – A Good Enough Mother

‘We’d meet the first train [at Euston Station] in the morning, the mail train. I used to know if they were pregnant just by looking at them. Even at six weeks, I could tell by the shape of the [...]

Lia Mills’ “Another Alice”: the interview

This interview marks the publication of a new edition of Lia Mills’ first novel, Another Alice (first published in 1996), as part of the Arlen Classic Literature series. The new edition features [...]

An Unconsidered People: 2021

Twenty years ago, I travelled back and forth to Kilburn and Cricklewood, in order to meet the Irish who had settled there during the economically dark decade of the 1950s.

The ‘Stella d’Italia’ knighthood

Early in 2021, I received a lovely – and most unexpected – piece of correspondence. It came from His Excellency, the Italian Ambassador to Ireland, Paolo Serpi. He wanted to tell me that I had [...]


I had the pleasure of interviewing Evelyn Conlon on the publication of her latest collection of short stories, MOVING ABOUT THE PLACE, published by The Blackstaff Press.

Imagine Belfast – Letters With Wings

On the 28th March last, Imagine Belfast hosted an event curated by Viviana Fiorentino of Letters With Wings. The evening was dedicated to the women artists Chimengul Awut and Nûdem Durak. [...]