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Different Sounds by Mariachiara Stefanoli, Found in Translation Course 2017.

Bianca Melania knew the answer in her heart. The flirt with her talent scout could offer her a new life, based on success, fame and money.

But it never mind.

She wanted to stay with Teo, her true love. In that relation, Bianca Melania was free to express herself.

When they play together the “Quattro stagioni” by Vivaldi, their feelings follow the rhythm; during the spring their lives was enthusiastic; during the slowly of summer their body and thoughts were in peace.

During autumn and winter they were the help to each other to be over bad time.

“I won’t go back to him”. Bianca Melania said to herself these words. She was coming out from a strange period. She wanted to react and to be ready to live a better life. “I will be able to go on. I’ll try with all my strength”.

Teo was waiting for her, out in his black car. She didn’t tell him nothing about her relation with Marcello. It was a secret in her mind. It was her past, an experience.

“Hi, Teo, how are you?” He didn’t answer. “Why are you here? To stay with me? Do I care for?”

In her heart she felt that the reason why she came back to Teo was already like Dante said in his “Divina Commedia”, about the two famous lovers Paolo and Francesca:

“Amor, ch’a nullo amato amar perdona”,

that means if someone loves you, this love has a power so strong that you must return it.

Bianca and Melania, two different aspect of the same reality, two kind of personality, two lives, two loves.

But also one only woman, grown up in a few months more than in her 35 years.

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